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Robert Pace Finger Builders Book 1
Robert Pace Finger Builders Book 1
Model #: HL 00372310
Manufacturer: Hal Leonard Corporation

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Robert Pace Finger Builders Book 1

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Book I, 'Five-finger" exercises and tetra-chord scales in all keys are preparation for 'thumb-under" scales. This 4-book series contains progressively more difficult or challenging technique exercises and songs. The material is designed to help students develop their finger strength and dexterity while advancing in their piano-playing ability.
The Pace Finger Builders series helps you build effective finger control, which is an essential part of good, sensitive piano performance and cannot be overstated. It's a process of gaining control so that the fingers can respond in the proper manner at any moment to produce whatever musical effects or sounds are indicated by the symbols on the page of music. Therefore, good piano techniqe should not only enable you to sightread better and learn pieces more quickly, but it should also enable the performer to play more musically.

With the Pace Piano Method you will build stronger fingers and a greater sensitivity when playing. You'll also learn how to produce effective legato phrasing, starting with Book 1 in the series, and natural sounding crescendos and decrescendos.

Level 1 (Elementary)
47 pages