Instructor Resources

Instructor Resources
Alexander Publishing has a wide variety of resources to assist you in both your teaching efforts and student development.

Sonic Control.TV
Sonic Control is a leading music industry web site with stories, reviews, how-to’s where educators learn from professionals how to implement music technology in the classroom.

Our TrueSpec Systems web site has been merged with Alexander Publishing to create one convenient site. Along with our Alexander Publishing titles, you'll also find high quality digital audio workstations for professional music recording using the Wintel platform, along with major music sample libraries used in film, TV and CD production.

Online Library
Our online library is focused on the music industry covering general sites to business, copyrights and online publications.

Offline Student/Instructor Forums
Through our Alexander Publishing web site, once an Alexander Publishing text has been adopted, we can set up an offline password protected forum that only you and your students can see. This is a free service upon textbook adoption.

Digital Books
To help reduce textbook costs, many Alexander Publishing titles are available as eBooks when ordered direct by the student. All Alexander Publishing packages for Professional Orchestration are completely available as digital downloads including PDF’ed workbooks and DRM-free MP3s.

Professional Orchestration Custom Listening Plans With Downloadable MP3s
Through our relationship with, we can create a custom listening plan using Digital Rights Management-free MP3s. DRM-free means that the MP3s can be used on any MP3 player from the iPod to a cell phone, empowering your students to do required listening on the go with legal MP3 files they own. Our experience is that students prefer the freedom MP3s offer vs. being tied to a computer. For more information, write sales at alexanderpublishing dot com.

Study Hall
Study Hall contains White Papers, MP3 and video clips on selected titles to help you gain a deeper understanding of how to use and apply the skills and concepts contained in Alexander Publishing books.