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Ancient Voices Haka & Maasai

Ancient Voices Haka & Maasai
Haka - Pacific Warrior & Tribal Music SnK-Haka
SAVE 21% ON SALE! Ancient Voices' Haka is taken from the personal field and studio recordings of Russ Landau, composer for the TV series "Survivor". Haka features Warrior Chants, Vocals, Village Ensembles & Drums. For Kontakt 4.2 and 5.
Your Price: $62.95

Maasai - Traditional Tribal music SnK-Mas
SAVE 22% ON SALE! Ancient Voices' Maasai was recorded deep within Kenyan tribal villages by Russ Landau, composer for TV series "Survivor". Featuring field-recordings of Vocals, Village Ensembles, Drums & Instruments. For Kontakt 4.2.4 and 5.
Your Price: $69.95

Haka and Maasai Tribal Music Bundle - Download AV-HKMS-BUNDLE
SAVE 25% ON SALE! with this Ancient Voices HAKA+MAASAI Bundle! Programmed for Kontakt 4.2.4 and 5, Haka & Maasai are taken from field and studio recordings of Russ Landau (Composer, Survivor TV series). Vocals, Chants, Drums, Ensembles, more
Your Price: $126.95