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Featured Products
Spectrotone Chart Download Spec-01-Download
SAVE 10%! The Spectrotone Chart PDF: for arranging, orchestration, recording and mixing. Originally created by Academy Award nominee Arthur Lange, former head of the MGM Music Department. Comes with 2 PDF training guides.
Your Price: $17.95

The Street Smart Guide To The Vienna Instruments Player [Downloadable Video Course] SSG-VIP-01
SAVE 25%! The Street Smart Guide to the Vienna Instruments Player shows how to both operate and produce your music using the VIP with a sequencing program. Includes BONUS LECTURES on the Dimension Strings. 20 Lectures. 1.75 Hrs.
Your Price: $29.95

The Instant Composer: Counterpoint by Fux Home Study AU-Fux-HomeStudy
SAVE 37%! The Instant Composer Complete Edition Home Study Course is an advanced study option. You get the Counterpoint by Fux PDF eBook PLUS the Home Study Course of 14 PDF lessons and approx. 2 hours of supporting video lectures.
Your Price: $49.95

Spectrotone Course: Visual Orchestration - Master Edition Spec-VizOrch-02
SAVE 30%! The Visual Orchestration 1: Spectrotone Course is a short course in orchestration (for non-music readers too!) Comes with 7 video lectures, PLUS the PDF Spectrotone Chart and training guides. About 3.7 hrs.
Your Price: $56.95

Visual Orchestration 2: Articulations and Templates Spec-VizOrch-02-Dwnld
SAVE 37%! Visual Orchestration 2: Articulations & Templates distills the core principles of a college course on basic orchestration directly applied to sample libraries + basic MIDI mock-up applications. 10 video lectures. About 6.7 hr
Your Price: $49.95

Writing For Strings Home Study Course AU-WFS-Home Study
SAVE 37%! Writing For Strings Lite Edition: Order this if you ALREADY OWN Professional Orchestration Volume 1 and the Spectrotone Chart. Comes with 28 PDF lessons, nearly 7 hrs of supporting video lectures, 19 PDF study scores and more
Your Price: $49.95