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ON SALE! Audio Packs and Pro Orch Add-Ons

ON SALE! Audio Packs and Pro Orch Add-Ons
These audio packages and other supplemental study materials are for anyone who purchased Professional Orchestration: Vol. 1 or Vol. 2A, A Practical Handbook: From Piano to Strings and/or the Workbook, plus How Ravel Orchestrated Mother Goose Suite, as a single title, not part of a Bundle. These products are the "extras" included in the Bundle editions of those titles, so if you previously purchased those books on their own, you can build your own Bundle out of the products shown below.
A Practical Handbook: MIDI/Audio Examples Only OrchPrac-audio-midi only
SAVE 36% ON SALE! For those who bought the books only, this package contains the MIDI files + MP3 Audio piano examples for Professional Orchestration: A Practical Handbook - From Piano to Strings and the MP3 Audio piano examples for the Workbook
Your Price: $15.95

How Ravel Orchestrated: Mother Goose Suite Audio/Score Package HRO-Audio Package
SAVE 35% ON SALE! Includes MP3 performance of Mother Goose Suite conducted by Sir Neville Marriner, 3 color coded PDF scores showing how Ravel went from piano to full orchestra, and a duplicate set of PDF scores 8.5" x 14" from the book.
Your Price: $12.95

Professional Mentor Concert Package for Volume 1 Pro-Orch Concert
SAVE 33% ON SALE! 76 Tracks specially selected for Professional Orchestration Vol. 1's Professional Mentor Workbook as part of a total listening plan. Contains an average 20-min concert for each orchestral instrument. DRM-Free.
Your Price: $39.95

2010 Professional Mentor For Volume 1 ProOrch Vol 1/ProMen no audio
SAVE 33% ON SALE! Professional Mentor PDF workbook + Audio Lectures guides you through Professional Orchestration Vol 1. You'll write one piece for each of the 13 solo instruments covered. Includes Spectrotone Chart + Bonus material from VSL.
Your Price: $29.95

Professional Orchestration Vol 2A Audio Supplement Package ProOrch-2ASupplement
SAVE 30% ON SALE! If you already own the MP3 Audio Pack for Vol. 1, you'll want this Supplemental Audio Pack for Vol. 2A. When combined, these two audio packs contain approx. 60% of the musical works quoted in Vol. 2A. DRM Free.
Your Price: $27.95

Professional Orchestration Volume 1 MP3 Audio Files ProOrchVol1MP3
SAVE 30% ON SALE! MP3 audio package containing full works or movements of the majority of examples included in Professional Orchestration Volume 1. Over 12 hours of music. Timings for book examples included.
Your Price: $41.95

Professional Orchestration Volumes 1 and 2A MP3 Audio & Professional Mentor Package
SAVE 55% ON SALE! Order this if you just have the books for Professional Orchestration Vol. 1 and Vol. 2A. Contains the Professional Mentor Workbook and Audio Lectures for Vol. 1, MP3 audio packs for Vol. 1 and 2A, Spectrotone Chart and more.
Your Price: $64.95

Professional Orchestration Audio For Volumes 1 and 2A ProOrch Vol 1/Vol 2A
SAVE 45% ON SALE! If you have the books Professional Orchestration Vol 1 and Vol 2A and just want the audio, get this eClassical MP3 Audio Pack covering a majority of the musical works used in Vols 1 and 2A, and some from 2B. DRM-Free.
Your Price: $54.95

Strings Position Booklet Pro-Orch-Strg Booklet
SAVE 33% ON SALE! Color-coded PDF composing guide for violin, viola, cello and bass. Shows fingerings, positions, and range for each string position shown on the neck of the instrument, then matched to a keyboard to aid in your compositions.
Your Price: $9.95

Spectrotone Chart Download Spec-01-Download
SAVE 20% ON SALE! The Spectrotone Chart PDF: for arranging, orchestration, recording and mixing. Originally created by Academy Award nominee Arthur Lange, former head of the MGM Music Department. Comes with 2 PDF training guides.
Your Price: $15.95