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Model #: OrchPrac-audio-midi only
Manufacturer: Alexander Publishing

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A Practical Handbook: MIDI/Audio Examples Package

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For those of you who bought the books only, this package contains the MIDI files (piano and strings) and MP3 Audio piano examples for Professional Orchestration: A Practical Handbook - From Piano to Strings. Also included are the MP3 Audio piano examples for the Workbook.

The same piano examples are used for each of the three Handbooks - From Piano to Strings, and the forthcoming From Piano to Woodwinds and From Piano to Orchestra, so this one package covers the audio for the entire series of A Practical Handbook titles. The Handbook piano examples and the piano examples from the Workbook have been exported from Sibelius in MP3 format for you.

MIDI files are for From Piano to Strings only. Woodwind and Full Orchestra to be released for separate purchase as each of those Handbooks become available.

Attention College Professors: Have the students order this package directly from Alexander Publishing for your college classes. This item is not available through any bookstore.

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