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Lessons In Governing
Lessons In Governing
Model #: 978-0-939067-76-3
Manufacturer: Alexander Publishing

Lessons In Governing

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Can You Answer the Top 5 Political Questions of All Time:

  • Which Scriptures should guide our public policy?
  • How did God intend man to be governed?
  • What's the role of the church in politics?
  • What's the role of the individual Christian in politics?
  • How can you know who to vote for and why?

    In the current systematic theology treatises, there's little taught about government, nor how the Christian community should, if at all, involve itself in government and politics.

    Result: the Christian community lacks a theology of government by which to guide them in how to think, act, and vote from a Biblical perspective.

    Solution: Lessons In Governing: The Inseparable Relationship Between God, Man and Government which solves that problem starting with Andy Gaus' new in-your-face translation from the Septuagint of Deuteronomy (the most quoted book of the American Revolution), 19 Essays that answer the Top 5 Political Questions of All Time, and a special Reference section with documents from the Founding Fathers demonstrating the inseparable relationship between God, man and government in action.

    Publisher: Follow Me! Press (an imprint of Alexander Publishing)
    ISBN: 978-0-939067-76-3
    406 pps.

  • Detailed Table of Contents

    Preface - Barak, Moses, and George (Washington, That Is)

    Introduction - A Theo-Political Consideration of Deuteronomy and Torah

    About: This Translation

    Deuteronomy: The Farewell Addresses of Moses Given To The Generation of The Second Chance and Their Children
    1. Failure of the Parents at Kadesh Barnea
    2. Wilderness Years and Military Conflicts
    3. Defeating Giants
    4. Lessons For a New Generation
    5. The Covenant Re-Taught
    6. The Great Commandment
    7. Holiness and Victory
    8. Receiving God's Loving Discipline
    9. He Who Fights For You
    10. God's Requirements
    11. Blessings From Loving God
    12. Conditions For Continued Blessings
    13. False Prophets
    14. God's Dietary Guidelines
    15. The Year of Jubilee
    16. Passover
    17. Offerings, Idolatry, and The Need for Obedience
    18. Priestly Guidelines
    19. Sanctuary Cities
    20. Military Guidelines
    21. Murder Inquests and Prodigal Sons
    22. Brotherhood and Wives
    23. Various Regulations
    24. Divorce
    25. More Regulations
    26. First Fruit Offerings
    27. After Entering Canaan
    28. Blessings and Curses
    29. Covenant With the Sons of Israel
    30. Covenant With the Sons of Israel - Continued
    31. Final Advice to the Priests and Joshua
    32. God's Prophetic Song to the Generations
    33. Blessings to Each Tribe
    34. The Peaceful Transition of Power

    About The Essays
    Yahweh’s Mission Statement for Israel & The Church

    How The Israelites Got to Mitzrayim In the First Place

    While Israel Slept

    Marriage and Political Leadership

    The Bubba Factor

    The Burning Bush

    Speaking Truth to Power: Confronting Pharaoh
    Spending Time With God

    Moses’ Mission and Job Description

    Listening and Learning to Delegate

    Men of Truth, Hating Unjust Gain

    Education In the Home

    Towards A National Dietary Policy and It’s Political Challenge

    The Power to Gain Wealth & Social Justice

    Military Service

    The National Importance of a Common Language

    Answers To a President: What Scriptures Shall Guide Our Public Policy?

    How to Know Who to Vote For - And Why

    While Christianity Sleeps

    Proclamation Days of U.S. Presidents
    Letters From the Founding Fathers
    Farewell Addresses of Past U.S. Presidents

    About Andy Gaus

    Andy Gaus translates from both German and Greek. He’s the translator of the critically acclaimed The Unvarnished New Testament and The Unvarnished Gospels. His German translations include Max and Moritz and Other Bad Boy Tales and a collection of works by Rainer Maria Rilke entitled Requiem for a Woman.

    Andy has also been an associate math editor for Pearson Education editing math textbooks for grade-school, junior high, and high school which involves writing questions, verifying correct answers, editing for clarity and understandability and suitability for a target age group

    A composer and lyricist, Andy has written songs and scores for revues, musicals and operas produced in Boston, where he makes his home.

    Andy is a graduate of Wesleyan University with a B.A. in German. While at Wesleyan, he edited the literary magazine.

    Deuteronomy is his first translation from the Septuagint.

    About Peter Lawrence Alexander
    Peter Lawrence Alexander is Film Music Magazine’s award winning journalist. His books in orchestration and music harmony have been endorsed by winners of the Academy®, Grammy®, Emmy®, BAFTA®, and AVA Gold® Awards. In Christian writing, he’s the author of the first theology of music rooted in the original languages Writing and Performing Christian Music: God’s Plan & Purpose For the Church, and in historical Christian fiction, The Road of Blood: The Untold Story of The Good Samaritan and The Unfaithful Wife: The Untold Story of Hosea and Gomer.