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The Road of Blood - The Untold Story of The Good Samaritan

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The Story

There was a reason it was called the  Road of Blood.  

Anything could happen on that hostile road that wound its way through rugged desert terrain and where on narrow trails with dangerous cliffs  and sheer drops into oblivion, robbers hid in caves waiting to attack unsuspecting travelers, no matter who they were.  

So when the day came that King Herod would be leaving his winter palace in New Jericho and going back up to Jerusalem, it just seemed to Keefay that following behind Herod and his armed detachment from the 10th Roman Legion was the safest way to get up to the city to do business and sign new contracts.  

But coming back home from Jerusalem was a different story. He’d be going down the Road of Blood. Alone.    

His family and his wife Abigail begged him not to go. Anything could happen. But he wouldn’t listen. In business, no risk, no reward.  

But the worst did happen. Chased, beaten, robbed, left for dead, and abandoned, suddenly from around the bend rode a stranger.


The Road of Blood is a Christian historical fiction retelling of the parable spoken by Jesus in Luke 10:25-37. The novelette answers these questions:

  • Who was the Good Samaritan?
  • Who was the beaten man and why was he on the Road of Blood alone in the first place?

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    The Road of Blood: The Untold Story of The Good Samaritan - Chapter One

    The silent character in the story is the road itself, which is the same road used by Jesus on his Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, passing by Bethany where Lazarus, Martha, and Mary lived.

    In his speech, I've Been to The Mountaintop, the late Dr. Martin Luther King described the road as follows:

    I remember when Mrs. King and I were first in Jerusalem. We rented a car and drove from Jerusalem down to Jericho. And as soon as we got on that road I said to my wife, "I can see why Jesus used this as the setting for his parable." It's a winding, meandering road. It's really conducive for ambushing. You start out in Jerusalem, which is about twelve hundred miles, or rather, twelve hundred feet above sea level And by the time you get down to Jericho fifteen or twenty minutes later, you're about twenty-two feet below sea level That's a dangerous road. In the days of Jesus it came to be known as the "Bloody Pass." And you know, it's possible that the priest and the Levite looked over that man on the ground and wondered if the robbers were still around. Or it's possible that they felt that the man on the ground was merely faking, and he was acting like he had been robbed and hurt in order to seize them over there, lure them there for quick and easy seizure. And so the first question that the priest asked, the first question that the Levite asked was, "If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?"

    The Road of Blood is historically accurate and is told in a way that guys will really enjoy.

    About the Author

    Peter Lawrence Alexander’s creative skills are summed up in the phrase, “words and music.”

    For words, he’s Film Music Magazine’s award winning music technology journalist, where he writes reviews on music technology products. He’s written to critical acclaim, Writing and Performing Christian Music: God’s Plan and Purpose for the Church, a highly researched theology of Christian music. And he’s the author of such historical Christian fiction titles as The Unfaithful Wife: The Untold Story of Hosea and Gomer and The Road of Blood: The Untold Story of the Good Samaritan.

    As producer, he produced for audio book Emmy Award® winning actor David Warner in the recording of The Christmas Story and O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi, and voice over specialist Kathy Grable in his production of Hosea and Gomer (Kathy was voice double for Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever).

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