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Yamaha SY77 Cheater's Guide & Sound Making PDF Bundle

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Bundle and Save! Buy both the Yamaha SY77 Cheater's Guide & Cookbook and the Yamaha SY77 Sound Making Book: Level 1 in one downloadable PDF Bundle.

Yamaha SY77 Cheater's Guide and Cookbook

Published in 1991 and brought back from our vaults in a PDF edition, the Yamaha SY77 Cheater's Guide and Cookbook accomplishes two broad instructional goals. The first section of the book serves as a prelude to sequencing operations by covering the setup of the Multi including disk drive operations, panning, drums, and the Effects Mode, plus a starting tutorial on the sequencer. The second, and main section of the book acts as an extensive guide to electronic arranging by showing you how to get the most out of both the SY77 Preset acoustic sounds and free Yamaha SY77 acoustic sound banks (that were available at the time the SY77 was released) so you can create more realistic-sounding arrangements.

Both instructional goals are ably demonstrated by both Multi setup analysis and the inclusion of three complete scores of public domain demos provided by Yamaha on their free sound banks. These works are Mirabela, Getaway, and Of Volcanic Nature. These outstanding works are a tribute to both the power of the SY77 and the fine people who spent many dedicated hours creating these outstanding demonstrations.

Please note: the SY77 Cheater's Guide and Cookbook only includes a starting tutorial on using the sequencer. A separate Sequencing Handbook was published in the early 1990s that is sadly no longer available for publication.

The Cheater's Guide and Cookbook covers:

SECTION 1: The Basics
Session 1: Turning On
Session 2: Disk Drive Operations
Session 3: Save to Disk
Session 4: Making Disk Copies
Session 5: Panning, Audio Outs and Effects Modes For The Multi
Session 6: Setting Up The Multi
Session 7: Customizing Drum Sets
Session 8: Quick Voice Edits
Session 9: Start Up Sequencer Tutorial

SECTION 2: Electronic Arranging on the SY77
Session 10: Electronic Strings
Session 11: Flute, Clarinet and Double Reeds
Session 12: Writing for SY77 Woodwinds
Session 13: Brass
Session 14: Writing for Brass: Jazz/Studio
Session 15: Writing for Brass: Symphonic
Session 16: The Saxophones
Session 17: Writing for the Saxes
Session 18: Voices and Vocal Writing
Session 19: The Harp
Session 20: The Guitar
Session 21: The Vibes
Session 22: Orchestrating the Melody With Cool Voicings
Session 23: Big Band Voicings
Session 24: Small Group Combinations

SECTION 3: Multi Analysis
Appendix 1: Multi Setup Analysis
Appendix 2: Drum Set Analysis
Appendix 3: Mirabela Score
Appendix 4: Getaway Score
Appendix 5: Of Volcanic Nature Score
Appendix 6: Common Jump Commands

Downloadable PDF eBook.
354 pages.

Yamaha SY77 Sound Making Book: Level 1

Published in 1990 and brought back from our vaults in a PDF edition, the Yamaha SY77 Sound Making Book: Level 1 introduces you to the SY77 and presents many of its prominent features in tutorial fashion, so you can learn while doing. It doesn't cover every element of the SY77, but it does give you a general working knowledge so you can begin using it quickly.

After reading this book you'll be able to get around on the SY77 skillfully and fluently. Much of what you learn will come from the many experiments included throughout the material. So, keep your SY77 turned on as you read through the chapters and perform the exercises as they are presented. This practice will not only make the subject at hand clearer, it will also make you very comfortable with the workings of your new SY77.

Sound Making Level 1 covers:
  • general set-up for playing the machine as a stand alone synthesizer;
  • basic sound editing, including how to make split/layer combinations, how to set the pitch bend and modulation wheel controllers and how to adjust the attack time, brightness and loudness elements;
  • working with the unique Dynamic Pan feature;
  • how to use the Modulation and Reverb effects;
  • using Microtuning to create new and interesting musical scales;
  • how to use the SY77 as a 16 channel multitimbral sound device;
  • introduction to the Sequencer.

  • Downloadable PDF format.
    161 pages.

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