What We're All About

Alexander Publishing was created by Peter Lawrence Alexander (1950-2015). Since Peter's sudden and unexpected passing, this website, publishing company (now Alexander Creative Media) and Peter's books and courses are now maintained and updated by his wife and long-time business partner, Caroline Alexander. Caroline is committed to keeping Peter's music training legacy alive for future generations of composers to learn from and enjoy. Here's what Peter had to say about the company he created...

Alexander Publishing is an upstart publishing company due in part because its founder, Peter Alexander, was born genetically disrespectful. While academically trained, myself, my wife Caroline, and the several other authors you'll find represented here are not academicians. We are research oriented and test to see how people best learn. The result of this approach is training titles that train for results, and get results when you follow our step-by-step approach.

We write and produce for you the customer, not professors.

It’s not about theory, it’s about practical learning and doing.

This means you learn in a respectful orderly manner that talks you up not down.

We blend technology in with our training, not for technology’s sake, but because when incorporated effectively, you get better results, especially in our music training.

At the same time, where needed, we have no problem whatsoever in telling you point blank to skip the computer and find a pencil with an eraser.

You may not like our answers (some don’t!) but you can count on us to be straight from the gut with you.

Some words to describe us a little better.
Here are a few more thoughts to give you a little more insight about us.

Adventure. We’re entrepreneurs and we’re excited about the journey we’re on. We think it’s a great adventure to discover how people learn and then create great stuff that puts you in the right direction so that you can enjoy the learning process, but hopefully, without the heartburn that accompanies “modern” learning especially with tech stuff.

Non-Boring Unconformity. Where we conform is our agreement that there are certain things you need to learn as the foundation of your education. That’s reasonable, right? Where we’re non-conformists is in the way we approach the teaching of that material. For example! In music, we have a series called Applied Professional Harmony. Sounds like a yawner - except we have you do those “boring” exercises at home with a computer and software with sound libraries so that while you’re learning to build chord progressions, you’re also doing it with strings, brass, woodwinds, voices, synth sounds, and recording your homework.This means with one simple exercise, you also learn basics of arranging, recording and building your keyboard skills, too.

In short, flexible, focused creativity.

Irrepressible. We don’t quit. We compete against a lot of, not just larger companies, but giants. A few have tried to take us out. But we’re still here. We believe we do important work that has impact. And that keeps us going every day.

Inspire & Encourage. In short, everything we create is designed to show you how far you can go, and so, to inspire and encourage you to get there.

Self-paced learning. Whether you’re a professional or someone learning for the fun of it, time is tight. Excluding fiction and a few other titles, nearly everything we publish is organized for you to learn at your own pace, on your schedule. That’s why in 2009 we began developing more original downloadable training so that you can learn even if you’re commuting in a car or a subway.

Helping to properly train you in the craft of writing music is a way of life at Alexander Publishing and with our online training titles, too.