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Alexander University First Semester Home Study Package - PDF

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Now in one package - Digital Download Only

By popular request, we've brought back our original Alexander University First Semester Home Study Package - the first to be used in a MIDI home recording studio where you record what you write. Equals roughly one semester.

Comes with:

1. Applied Professional Harmony 101 - PDF eBook
2. The Instant Composer: Counterpoint by Fux - PDF eBook
3. Professional Orchestration Volume 1: Solo Instruments & Instrumentation Notes - PDF eBook


Praise for the Applied Professional Harmony Series

Henry Mancini, 4x Winner of the Academy Awards (Oscar) and 20 Grammy's
Peter Alexander in his series, Applied Professional Harmony, has created what I feel will be standard text in schools for many years to come. In a thoroughly readable style, he has managed the neat trick of erasing the lines between so called 'popular' music and 'classical' music. Read and Learn.

John Tesh, 6X Emmy Winner and 4 Gold Albums
If I had these books when I was in college, I'd have stayed in music school.

Praise for Professional Orchestration Volume 1

Jerry Goldsmith, Academy and Emmy Award Winning Composer
The best orchestration book since Forsyth.

Bruce Broughton, Emmy Award Winning Composer
Professional Orchestration offers more opportunities to see and hear the combinations which formerly could only be imagined.

Emanuele Ruffinengo, Three-time Grammy Award Winner
Peter Alexander has done a huge work in this book. I'm completely delighted with what I've received. Reading only a few pages was enough to realize the high significance of this text, so thanks again! I will definitely recommend it to my students and friends.

Paul Thomson, Synesthesia (UK), Winner, Aerial and Montreux Advertising Festival Awards
Every time I open this book I learn something new.

A paperback edition of these titles is available to order from Amazon or through most major bookstores using the information below:

Title 01: Professional Orchestration Vol 1: Solo Instruments & Instrumentation Notes
Author: Peter Lawrence Alexander / ISBN: 978-0-939067-70-1

Title 02: Applied Professional Harmony 101
Author: Peter Lawrence Alexander / ISBN: 978-0-939067-88-6