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Model #: Percy Complete - PDF
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Goetschius 4-Volume Serious Composer Collection - PDF

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The complete Percy Goetschius 4-volume Serious Composer Collection: Elementary Counterpoint, Homophonic Forms, Counterpoint Applied, Larger Forms of Musical Composition.

This collection is our revised series of the original Percy Goetschius books, all edited for easier readability. The books in order of study are:

1. Elementary 18th-19th Century Counterpoint
2. The Homophonic Forms of Musical Composition
3. Counterpoint Applied
4. The Larger Forms of Musical Composition

All 4 volumes comes to 1,345 pages of study!

All the Percy Goetschius books are designed for self-study. Much of the material covered here is beyond what is typically covered in a basic composition degree program. In fact, today, much of this material is graduate level work that you can do on your own!