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The Instant Composer: Counterpoint by Fux Home Study Course

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For the first time, we're releasing in a single package the PDF book The Instant Composer: Counterpoint by Fux, PLUS Peter L. Alexander's 14 video lectures and Bonus PDFs so you can have this advanced study option to do at your own pace. These fourteen video lessons and material in the book are roughly the equivalent of a semester's worth of work in college, again, that you do at your own pace.

Please note: this is NOT an academic theoretical approach. Initially, you'll do all your work with just the Dorian mode. From there, all the remaining modes are open to you.

Please note: the course does NOT teach RULES! It teaches PRINCIPLES that you can apply to ANY style of music. Once you've learned to apply these principles, you then have the skill to write music on demand - in as many different music styles you know: classical, jazz, Rap, you name it!

That's why this is a practical course for songwriters, arrangers, and composers who want to:

  • improve their melodic skills
  • expand their melodic language by learning to write modally
  • learn how to harmonize their song
  • learn how to create a starting bass line
  • learn how to create a counterline above and below the melody
  • learn how to create interesting harmonizations
  • learn how to improvise
  • (for jazz players) learn how to apply chord scales in jazz and other styles
  • Course Content

    You will:
  • write and record all your work
  • apply concepts with exercises
  • apply concepts to a maximum of five different songs, preferably from different styles

  • You'll need:
  • to budget 2-4 hours per week
  • preferably have vocal samples to record your work so that all examples can be heard with a vocal/choral sound

  • The Required Text for this course is Alexander Publishing's Edition of Counterpoint by Fux. A PDF eBook edition of this title is provided for you FREE with this course.

    100% Downloadable Content:
    You get almost 500MB of download PDFs and QuickTime Video Files. Download links will be available for 7 days in your Order History by clicking on the 'Product Info' button next to your order in your "Order History" and scrolling down the page for the links.

    Week 1
    Lesson 1 - melodic movement and song analysis
    Lesson 2 -Two-voice motion

    Week 2
    Lesson 3 - Implied harmony
    Lesson 4 - Four modes

    Week 3
    Lessons 5-6 - One against one

    Week 4
    Lessons 7-8 - Two against one

    Week 5
    Lessons 9-10 - Four against one

    Week 6
    Lessons 11-12 - Syncopation

    Week 7
    Lessons 13-14 - The whole pie