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The Unfaithful Wife - The Untold Story of Hosea and Gomer - ePub Edition

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The Story

Though Gomer was Hosea's childhood sweetheart, he wasn't hers. Gomer wanted a much different life filled with partying, baubles, and men. And lots of both. Then one day after coming home from a secret "liason" she discovered that Hosea, now a prophet of Yahweh in the Northern Kingdom of Samaria, had just finished negotiating to make Gomer his wife. Their marriage is beset by crisis after crisis until one day and three children later, Gomer runs out on her family to pursue the "good" life.

Years pass. Then comes that tragic day when she realizes her looks and lovers have left her. Now what will she do? What happens next in this gritty short story of abiding love will stun you. Hope, Love and Faithfulness still live.

Illustrated with beautiful four-color and black and white graphics.

This novelette can be read on an iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Other formats reading the ePub format are the Sony Reader and Nook.


This story takes place after secession and civil war over high taxes had divided the nation of Israel into two nations: the northern kingdom called Israel and the southern kingdom called Judah.

The story's approximate time frame is 780BC to 725BC.

Hosea, son of the village baker Beeri, is instructed to marry Gomer, his childhood sweetheart turned prostitute. Their marriage, explains Yahweh, is a portrait of Israel's unfaithfulness. After the birth of each of their three children, God instructs Hosea to name each child as a description of not only Israel's spiritual condition, but also Gomer's.

In time, Gomer decides to run out on her family and pursue the good life. But when her looks and lovers leave, who will save her?

About the Author

Peter Lawrence Alexander’s creative skills are summed up in the phrase, “words and music.”

For words, he’s Film Music Magazine’s award winning music technology journalist, where he writes reviews on music technology products. He’s written to critical acclaim, Writing and Performing Christian Music: God’s Plan and Purpose for the Church, a highly researched theology of Christian music. And he’s the author of such historical Christian fiction titles as The Unfaithful Wife: The Untold Story of Hosea and Gomer and The Road of Blood: The Untold Story of the Good Samaritan.

As producer, he produced for audio book Emmy Award® winning actor David Warner in the recording of The Christmas Story and O. Henry’s Gift of the Magi, and voice over specialist Kathy Grable in his production of Hosea and Gomer (Kathy was voice double for Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever).

Peter’s Applied Professional Harmony™ and Professional Orchestration™ series has been endorsed by winners of the Academy®, Grammy®, Emmy®, and BAFTA® Awards.

His concert works are as diverse ranging from his often performed arrangement of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town for pops orchestra to Journey to The Third Heaven for Orchestra and Choir based on Revelation 4-5. His Christian songs include his treatment of The Beatitudes for male soloist and acoustic guitar, The 23rd Psalm, Hear O Israel The Lord Our God Is One, and Let Him Kiss Me from Song of Solomon. Peter’s currently under contract to produce music for film, television and radio libraries. Other concert works include his orchestration of Debussy’s Jimbo’s Lullaby.