Professional Orchestration Volume 2A MP3 Audio Supplement Package

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Because examples from the same musical works are used across all the Professional Orchestration volumes, the audio packs build upon each other. The audio packages have been designed so that you only order the new works not previously quoted in an earlier volume.

Do You Already Own The Volume 1 Audio Package?

You need to already own the Professional Orchestration Volume 1 MP3 Audio Package before buying this Volume 2A MP3 Audio Supplement Package.

The Professional Orchestration Volume 2A book uses many of the same pieces included in the Volume 1 Audio Package, so you will need to have that audio pack. The Volume 2A MP3 Audio Supplement gives you additional MP3s, licensed from, that were not included in the Volume 1 audio package. As with Volume 1, these MP3s are the full works or movements of pieces quoted in the Volume 2A book.

By combining the Volume 2A Audio Supplement Pack with the Volume 1 Audio Pack you get approximately 60% of the musical works quoted in the book Professional Orchestration Volume 2A and about 48% of those quoted in Professional Orchestration Volume 2B. Not all pieces are currently available from eClassical, but as more works do come available an additional supplement pack will be produced to cover additional pieces.

All MP3s from eClassical are Digital Rights Management-free (DRM-free), which means you can play them on any device that can read MP3s.

The Professional Orchestration Volume 2A Audio Supplement Package includes the following pieces:

Symphony 5
1. Allegro con brio

L'Arlesienne Suite
Suite #1: 1. Prelude
Suite #1: 2. Minuet
Suite #1: 3. Allegro
Suite #1: 4. Carillon
Suite #2: 1. Pastorale
Suite #2: 2. Intermezzo
Suite #2: 3. Minuet
Suite #2: 4. Farandole

Polovtsian Dances
In the Steppes of Central Asia
Symphony #2
1. Allegro
2. Scherzo
3. Andante
4. Finale (Allegro)


Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Planets
1. Mars
2. Venus
3. Mercury
4. Jupiter
5. Saturn
6. Uranus
7. Neptune

Symphony #9
1. Andante comodo
2. Im Tempo Eines
3. Rondo
4. Adagio

Night on Bald Mountain

Danse Macabre

Chamber Symphony #1 for 15 Solo Instruments

The Nutcracker
2. March
4. Danse Russe (Trepak)

Der Fliegende Hollander Flying Dutchman Overture (Flying Dutchman)

Passacaglia for Orchestra Op. 1

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